Anxious Kids & Anxious Mums Bundle


I’m so very proud of Anxious Mums and Anxious Kids and thank you for arriving here to learn more about them.

Anxious Kids, is the book I wish my parents and teachers had as I grew up with undiagnosed anxiety. Co-authored with renowned parenting expert Michael Grose, Anxious Kids will help you understand anxiety – what’s actually happening in an anxious brain and why – guide you through explaining anxiety to children, arm you with practical strategies to support the anxious kid/s in your life, or your classroom, and will build your confidence in providing ongoing care and support to anyone living with anxiety.


In my latest book, Anxious Mums, I candidly share my own experiences of lifelong anxiety, my experiences of depression, and post-natal depression, alongside the latest science-backed strategies for managing and minimising anxiety. I wrote the book this way to support mums experiencing anxiety to understand that anxiety in mothers is well understood, that the painful thoughts and feelings that accompany anxiety for a mum are common and that help is at hand. The most common review of the book I’ve received from women who’ve loved it is “are you in my head?” I love that it’s just so relatable.

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