Unmanaged anxiety makes life difficult.

I know,

because I live with it too.

It can get in the way of living a rich and full life. But it doesn’t have to. I can help you learn how to manage and minimise anxiety, maximise your potential and elevate your mental health and wellbeing.

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Whether you’re anxious, you’re the parent of an anxious child, an educator supporting anxious kids in the classroom, or anxiety is getting in the way of purpose and productivity (hello procrastination) in the workplace, it can be hard to know where to start. It’s natural to want (and work overtime) to get rid of anxiety but this struggle only serves to amplify it. With carefully curated, effective strategies from a professional who really gets (and thrives with) anxiety, it is possible to manage and minimise anxiety, dialling it right down (so it’s a bit like the radio playing in the background), and get on with living life with more

calm, connection, meaning

and purpose.

To be anxious is to be human. Everyone experiences it, but for some it can be overwhelming.

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I’ll help you develop the insights, knowledge and skills needed to handle anxious thoughts and feelings so you can get on with the life you want on your terms.

In-person or online keynote presentations, professional development workshops and lunch-and-learn sessions are some of the ways we can work together.

I’ve had anxiety since I was 4 years old.

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No-one - not my parents, my teachers, my first psychologist, or later, the people in my workplace - understood what I was going through or how to help. It took over 20 years for me to get a diagnosis. And another 20 years to research, learn and develop the insights, understanding, thinking skills, and physiological strategies to get anxiety out of my way.

I’m dedicated to ensuring that you, your children, and the people you work with have a vastly different experience to mine. Anxiety is treatable, and the sooner you find a process that works for you, the better.

Through my work as a speaker, author and educator...

I share practical, evidence-based insights, strategies and skills to help parents, educators and other professionals, and the children in their lives, move anxiety to its rightful place.

I’m best known for my compassion which stems from my experiences living with anxiety from such a young age. The wonderful people I work with, and for, typically comment that as I share understanding, strategies and skills to help with anxiety, in parallel with some of my own experiences, they know they’re learning from someone who knows anxiety both personally and professionally, and cares deeply about making a difference in people’s lives.

I combine nine years of university study with more than twenty years of professional work in education, clinical practice and elite sport. Through this, and my lived experience, I’ve seen it all, heard it all, felt it all, and moved through it all. That's why I want to help you move your anxiety too.

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My philsophy

and passion...

I live and work by the philosophy that the experience of anxious, and other difficult and uncomfortable, thoughts and feelings don’t have to stand in the way of doing everything that’s important to you and living a full life. You just need to learn how. It’s my great passion to help anyone experiencing anxiety, and parents and teachers of anxious kids, to move anxiety off centre stage so all that makes life meaningful can step into the spotlight.

A little more

about me...

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I’m a mum to two kids I love to bits and am super grateful that, when I’m not away for work, I get to drop them off, pick them up and hang out together after school. My husband Pete and I worked out that we’ve been together more years of our lives than not (that’s a long time!), and the four of us live happily on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria with our Border Collie Dusty and six four happy chickens (don’t ask!).

I treasure my family and friends and love meeting new people, I love karate and CrossFit, prefer a matcha latte over coffee (though coffee is still awesome) and decided years ago never to dip my toe in the water but to jump right in when swimming with the kids - even when the water’s a little on the fresh side. I'm a mental health advocate, I'm open about my experiences and thrive with anxiety, and I’m on a mission to help you and your children to do the same.


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