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Dr. Jodi Richardson is the author of two insightful, practical and impactful books on anxiety.

Her bestselling debut book Anxious Kids (Penguin Random House (PRH)) is the book she wished her parents and teachers had as she grew up with undiagnosed anxiety. Co-authored with renowned parenting expert Michael Grose, Anxious Kids offers parents and teachers a new perspective on childrens’ anxiety, encouraging them to view each episode as an opportunity to empower kids with the skills to manage anxiety, and thrive.

Her latest PRH book, Anxious Mums, helps mums in any stage of parenthood understand their experiences prompting countless women to write to Jodi asking “are you inside my head?” Throughout the book Jodi shares her own experiences of anxiety, depression and post-natal depression, in parallel with the latest in science-backed strategies to help women manage and minimise anxiety, culminating in a warm, authentic, supportive and practical resource.

Anxious Kids

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when your child suffers from anxiety, but there are many things you can do to help.
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Bestselling authors Dr. Jodi Richardson and Michael Grose explain why more children than ever before experience anxiety. In plain language that can be shared with children, they outline the origins and biology of anxiety to make sense of it – key knowledge such as why it happens, the flood of physical symptoms that comes with it, how to calm it down and why each strategy works. 

Anxious Kids also offers advice on a range of important steps to develop emotional intelligence, tolerance of discomfort, mindfulness, resilience, thinking skills and flourishing mental health. In so doing, parents and teachers can reduce the impact of anxiety, enabling children of all ages to learn, connect, engage, thrive and fulfil their potential.

  • Bestselling resource for parents and teachers
  • Filled with practical strategies
  • Eight international translations to date

Anxious Mums

“It’s been said that the most important work we will ever do is within the walls of our own homes. There’s much truth in that, but, only after we’ve taken care of ourselves can we be there for our children in the ways we know will see them flourish and grow into successful adults who look after themselves, other people, their communities and our beautiful planet.”

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From conceiving, to pregnancy, to birth, and forever more, there are infinite reasons for anxiety to be heightened. The impact on mothers isn't just the anxiety itself, it's the stop sign it seems to put up in front of us at almost every turn. Anxiety can stand in the way of living a rich, full and wonderful life, and from fulfilling our potential personally, professionally and as a parent. But this doesn't have to be the case. Anxious Mums educates and inspires mums to recognise and understand your anxiety, build the skills and a lifestyle to manage and minimise your symptoms, develop thinking skills to manage unhelpful and worrying thoughts, manage your 'mental load', strive to fulfil goals and ambitions, raise emotionally intelligent children with skills for flourishing mental health and much more.

  • Relatable and reassuring
  • For mums of children of all ages with a dedicated chapter for partners
  • Three international translations to date

Anxious Mums is a wonderful resource for anyone dealing with anxiety, not only parents. Jodi is honest about her own experience and shares her wisdom and practical solutions that can make a real difference to anyone with anxiety. It illustrates how you can thrive with anxiety even in these uncertain times.

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Sophie Scott

Medical reporter



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Just wanted to email and say a big Thank You for writing the Anxious Kids book.  I came across this book at just the right time and attended the seminar at Kristin school here in Auckland last year.  My eight year old was struggling with anxiety after shifting to a new area and starting a new school, and the tools this book gave me to help her navigate this tricky stage were invaluable! Anxiety is still a part of her everyday life, but we have definitely reduced it to background noise and she is healthy and happy. 

Parent, New Zealand

Jodi, I came across your book (Anxious Mums audio version) last week and I could not stop listening! It was like you had written it for me and I just want to thank you so much! I am feeling anxious right now and I am going to put my headphones on and listen to where I left off. I’m going to buy two of your books and put them aside for when my 2 beautiful girls become mums which is a very, very long time away as they are only 5 and 2 but I just know that it will be so helpful in the future as it is for me now xx Thank you so much and I guarantee there are so many other women who feel the exact same way about this book as I do xx

Parent, Australia

“I never realised what I’ve felt for most of my life is Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I’ve experienced every symptom you listed in Anxious Mums. Thank you for doing valuable research and sharing the raw and honest truth in the book.”  


Kelly Maree
Parent, Australia


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Jodi is a regular media commentator in the anxiety, parenting and wellbeing space.

Jodi has shared her insights and expertise via ABC TV News Breakfast, the TODAY Show, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Studio 10, Weekend Today, Mamamia, ABC Radio, ABC RN Life Matters, Radio New Zealand and in The Age, Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald, New Idea, Who Magazine, Mindful Parenting and more. 

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