Anxiety happens.

It’s not a choice. But it doesn’t have to take over either.

There’s so much you can do.

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I empower parents, educators & other professionals with powerful

new skills and techniques

for overcoming the worry, overthinking, immobility and sense of being overwhelmed that come with anxiety (no matter where you, your children, your students, or colleagues might fall on the calm-anxiety continuum).

Anxiety happens,
what happens next is what matters most.

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I work with the following groups to help implement actionable and achievable strategies
to overcome anxiety and strengthen wellbeing.


Hi, I'm Dr. Jodi

Anxiety and Wellbeing Speaker, Bestselling Author and Educator

Whether it’s through everyday stressors (hello, 2020 and *ahem* 2021), challenging school, work, or life circumstances, or even the genetic imprint of a mental health condition, anxious thoughts and feelings can make life very difficult. I get it; anxiety and I have been acquainted for a very long time.

If you’re looking to cultivate the skills to combat worry and finally get anxiety out of the way (or support children to do just that), I can help.

My new book!

Anxious Mums

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Anxiety can stand in the way of living a rich, full and wonderful life, and of fulfilling your potential – personally, professionally and as a parent.

But it doesn’t have to.

I’ve learned to live - and thrive - with anxiety, and you can too. My new book Anxious Mums will show you the way.

Here’s how we can work together:

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Engaging. Inspiring. Practical. Authentic. Relatable. Entertaining.

Dr. Jodi is renowned for her powerful new ideas and strategies, as well as her engaging presenting style. An experienced speaker, she has delivered conference keynotes, seminars, and workshops for parents, teachers
and other professionals around the world.

Even beyond her experience, her biggest hallmark is the ability to blend in-depth psychological knowledge and understanding with a personal understanding of the challenges that come with anxiety.

She never fails to give her listeners the full story of life with anxiety, covering everything from the causes to strategies for effective management and tools for flourishing.


Professional Development for Educators


Dr. Jodi's professional development for educators is characterised by cutting-edge anxiety management techniques and practical, classroom-friendly, strategies to re-engage students in their learning.

A former secondary teacher, Jodi has first-hand experience teaching children with mental health and wellbeing challenges. Similarly, she has formed a well-rounded perspective on the challenges facing principals and teachers when it comes to their own wellbeing needs, in addition to emotionally supporting the children and families in their care.

Her impressive academic and professional achievements across wellbeing, science, and education have given her a broad perspective on issues affecting learning, and make her a point of reference for professionals in similar fields.

My books

Dr. Jodi has authored two insightful, practical books on anxiety.

Her bestselling debut book, Anxious Kids, is the book she wished her parents and teachers had as she grew up with undiagnosed anxiety. Co-authored with renowned parenting expert Michael Grose, Anxious Kids offers parents and teachers an empowered perspective on childrens' anxiety, emphasising the development of effective management skills.

In her latest book, Anxious Mums, Jodi shares her own experiences of anxiety, depression, and post-natal depression, alongside the latest science-backed strategies for managing and minimising anxiety. Sealed with her trademark stamp of realism and hope, this book is a valuable resource for women at any stage of the motherhood journey.

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We were delighted to have Dr. Jodi present three webinars for our charity during lockdown 1 & 2 in Victoria. We know that Dr. Jodi is one of the best presenters on Anxiety, however we're also really impressed with the way that Dr. Jodi managed the online space. Her set up added to the calm atmosphere she created - from lighting, clear sound & warm environment- it was an incredible standard. Dr. Jodi engaged our audience through asking for responses via the chat box & was affirming of all online questions submitted. We look forward to Dr. Jodi presenting for us again because the high level of excellence she presents with in person is matched in the online presentation space.

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Kate Johnson

Founder & Director
SJI Autism & Carer Support


When booking a speaker for a conference or presentation, there are many who hold the desired qualifications, knowledge and expertise; however, booking a speaker who is an engaging and commanding speaker is another skill set entirely. It’s a rare combination to discover a speaker who speaks with credibility, but who also has the audience in the palm of her hand from the get go and yet this is what places Dr. Jodi Richardson apart from other speakers. She is outstanding with regard to both content and delivery.

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Sandra Jelley

Psychologist / Senior Consultant
Propsych, Melbourne


Peninsula Hot Springs has been fortunate and is grateful to be working with Jodi. Her style, knowledge and caring has made sure all activities we have undertaken together have been very well received. We look forward to continue in our joint quest to deliver great health and wellbeing outcomes for our guests and for the broader community.

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Charles Davidson

Peninsula Hot Springs
Chairman, Founder, Creative Director


Jodi has an amazing way of connecting with her audience. Her stories, background knowledge and theoretical base really educate her audience to understand and unpack their experiences leaving them more able to identify their struggles and successes. A great speaker who comes at these important topics from so many angles.

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Kristy Kendall

Principal Toorak College


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