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I am absolutely thrilled to write this testimonial for Dr. Jodi Richardson, a remarkable speaker, author, and anxiety expert. Dr. Richardson's expertise in the field of anxiety is truly unparalleled, and her dedication to helping individuals overcome their struggles is truly inspiring. I had the privilege of attending many of Dr. Richardson's speaking engagements, and I was blown away by her depth of knowledge and her ability to connect with the audience. Her presentation was not only informative but also engaging and empowering. Through her compassionate and relatable approach, she was able to create a safe space for individuals to openly discuss their anxiety and find effective solutions. Dr. Richardson's book Axious Kids is an absolute gem. Her writing style is clear, concise, and filled with practical advice that can be easily implemented in everyday life. She has a unique ability to break down complex concepts into simple, actionable steps, making it accessible to readers from all walks of life. Her book has been a game-changer for many people.

Michael Carr-Gregg
Child & Adolescent Psychologist
Wendy Powson

We were fortunate enough to have Jodi present to the staff at the beginning of the year. The aim was to encourage staff to not only take care of themselves emotionally and mentally, but to learn strategies to support our many students impacted by anxiety. I have to say that I can't remember a guest speaker who was able to provide everyone with so many 'take aways' to immediately assist the wellbeing of our students. Jodi has a beautiful delivery style that had us all on board from the outset. We all agreed that our senior students would benefit. That session took place last week and we have already had some wonderful feedback. Thank you Jodi, we look forward to continuing this important work with you into the future!

Wendy Powson
Lilydale High School
Karen Hooper Christian Education National Stress anxiety staff professional development wellbeing nervous system

Jodi came as a guest speaker to share recently with our network of Christian school Principals and Executive leaders in a session focused on their well-being as leaders, and how they can in turn, lead well-being initiatives in their respective schools. It was a powerful time of learning and sharing that explored a number of highly valuable insights into how to manage one’s own responses to stress, recognize anxiety or distress in others, and actively pursue strategies to alleviate symptoms and build coping skills towards greater flourishing. Jodi is an excellent communicator and her research-backed content is of tremendous value and encouragement for all who participate in her sessions. Highly recommend!

karen hooper
State Executive Officer    christian education national
Sandra Jelly Anxiety Psychology student mental health stress resilience propsych

When booking a speaker for a conference or presentation, there are many who hold the desired qualifications, knowledge and expertise; however, booking a speaker who is an engaging and commanding speaker is another skill set entirely. It’s a rare combination to discover a speaker who speaks with credibility, but who also has the audience in the palm of her hand from the get go and yet this is what places Dr. Jodi Richardson apart from other speakers. She is outstanding with regard to both content and delivery.

sandra jelley                                                                                          senior psychologist 
Paul Graham

Jodi's ability to engage and relate to the audience as a teacher and a person who has had a lived experience with mental health was inspiring and motivating. Her passion for mental health and supporting staff and students is evident and she made herself available throughout the day for staff to engage with. She has great knowledge and practical tips and strategies to share with staff and left many of us with some powerful reflections on our own well-being. I cannot recommend Jodi more highly!

Jane Ward

Dr Jodi Richardson presents workshops for staff, students and parents that are relevant and engaging. Her authentic style of presentation is relatable and encourages participants to engage in thoughtful discussions regarding anxiety. Participation in these workshops will support the understanding of anxiety and how it manifests within individuals, and also provide practices to support individuals to manage episodes of anxiety. I have no hesitation in recommending the workshops of Dr Jodi.

Kristy Kendall Toorak College wellbeing anxiety stress professional development student mental health

Jodi has an amazing way of connecting with her audience. Her stories, background knowledge and theoretical base really educate her audience to understand and unpack their experiences leaving them more able to identify their struggles and successes. A great speaker who comes at these important topics from so many angles.

kristy kendall
toorak COLLEGE

We engaged Dr Jodi to speak to sport coordinators whose primary roles are as teachers within schools. She delivered the 'Boosting teachers’ mental health and happiness' session which was incredibly engaging, and targeted to our group. We received SO many positive comments and feedback – which goes to show her immediate impact to peoples' lives. She also adjusted her schedule to help us out at last minute after a change in our event. I could not recommend Jodi highly enough - engaging & impactful. Thank you!


I have had the privilege of knowing Jodi since the start up of beyondblue: the national depression initiative. Jodi was tasked with engaging schools and young people through our two resilience based programs, Ybblue and the beyondblue schools research initiative. Both were cutting edge projects with significant reach across Australia. Following her time at beyondblue Jodi has passionately followed her dream of making a difference in the lives of families, children and young people. Her two books are a combination of science meets practical 'lived experience' advice. I couldn't recommend Jodi more highly - smart, compassionate and a fabulous public speaker and workshop facilitator - I am delighted to be working in partnership with her to take her knowledge and expertise to a global audience via TogetherAI.

executive | chair | enterprise professor | strategic advisor

Dr Jodi Richardson ran an online workshop called “Moving kids from Anxiety to Resilience” for parents in between lockdowns. When we had had a taste of living in a heightened state of anxiety but would soon discover we were in for another round! She delivered a really engaging presentation for us. We know that parents want practical advice that they can implement straight away. Jodi delivered this. She provides a range of strategies for parents to try and tells beautiful stories that relate to herself and her own parenting that resonate and connect her to other parents. But the best way I know that Jodi delivered an exceptional workshop was because I had parents ask me if I could organise another one for their school.

jenni rickard
Executive officer

Jodi came and presented workshops on anxiety and mental health and teaching staff didn't stop talking about the sessions all day. There was certainly a level of energy in the room that I had not witnessed and experienced for a long time. Jodi is a wonderfully talented and engaging speaker who interacted with her audience throughout her time with us. Most importantly her authenticity and genuineness further enhanced her message and strategies. We are all looking forward to working with Jodi again. Jodi comes with my highest possible recommendation and endorsement.

Sam di camillo
Deputy Principal
student Wellbeing & Operations
Academy of Mary Immaculate


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A huge thank you for your wonderful podcast

Hi Jodi, I would just like to say a huge thank you for your wonderful podcast. I have shared particular episodes with friends, family and colleagues who I.know would benefit from your knowledge, insight, wisdom, warmth and also lived experience. My son's Autism and Epilepsy diagnosis 2 years ago, aged 13 has put me on my own personal path of self-discovery with my own colourful path. Yes, if only we knew more in the years before now. It would make a great read. You provide the most beautifully crafted resource that is so honest, powerful and inspiring. Thank you, Jodi, and to your wonderful guests!

- listener

for the first time in a long time i felt in control

Hi Jodi, I've listened to your podcast for a long time, as a person who can get anxious at times and because I'm a teacher and Mum with anxious kids around me. Today, I felt that sick surging anxiety feeling (selling home, buying new house, dealing with financial stuff) so I said, ‘Well, hello anxiety. I know you are just trying to keep me safe but I'm ok, I can do this. You can go now' and I sang a little song to myself and for the first time in a long time, I felt so in control. I loved that I took a powerful stance whereas I normally deep breathe, count 5 green things etc which felt avoidant in comparison. So thank you!!! What you do, is working and helping. Through osmosis of podcasts those messages stayed with me for when I needed to reach into my toolkit! I'm so happy! It felt like a real turning point in my life with anxiety

- listener

a must listen

I stumbled upon ‘Well, hello anxiety’ while working through some of my own problems. Through listening to numerous episodes there has been so many great lessons in dealing with my own anxiety, helping with my parenting, rest and my relationship with others with anxiety. It’s such a great podcast!

- sinnedk

best in the business

I love this podcast! An absolute must listen every single week.

- mj want

wonderful podcast

As someone who lives with anxiety, coming across this podcast was a gift. It has been salient reminder of not only the many tools I have learned along the way in my anxiety journey, but reminds me that I’m not alone and somehow not this “abnormal being that has something wrong”. Jodi has a beautiful way of presenting and equips the listener with a variety of tools and considerations to facilitate a thriving life, amidst anxiety. Thank you Jodi 🙏🏻 I have recommended this podcast to many others.

- runforlifejoy

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