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Engaging. Inspiring. Practical. Authentic. Relatable. Entertaining.

These are some of the descriptors audiences use to describe Dr. Jodi Richardson.  Jodi tells it how it is, always sharing an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to experience anxiety, what works, and importantly, what doesn’t. 

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 Jodi’s keynote conference presentations, parent seminars and professional development workshops are interactive, research-based and hope-inducing experiences. From a 60-minute keynote to a full-day workshop,

Jodi carefully tailors her presentations to meet the needs of each client and audience.

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Dr. Jodi presents

powerful new ideas and strategies

for parents and mental health professionals, in educational settings supporting parents, teachers and educational leaders, for city councils, for amateur to elite athletes, for health and wellbeing professionals, for professionals within corporations and for organisations supporting parents and carers of children on the autism spectrum.

Her impressive academic and professional achievements in the wellbeing, science and educational landscapes blend seamlessly with her innate caring nature, resulting in impactful, memorable audience experiences.

 She creates a safe place for people to meet, learn, share and leave with proven strategies that not only deliver results – but also give hope. It is common for participants to leave feeling like an “old-friend” of Jodi’s, flocking to her for one last chat or an effusive thank you.



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Parent Education

Moving kids from anxiety to resilience

Childhood anxiety is one of the most prevalent conversations in schools, families and the media today. It’s an epidemic impacting children, parents and teachers across the world; more so now than ever before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join Dr. Jodi Richardson in this presentation made popular through its tour right across Australia and New Zealand. Here Jodi speaks about the tools and strategies for helping children recognise, regulate, manage and minimise anxiety.

Extensive study and personal experience enables Jodi to speak right to the heart of family issues surrounding anxiety. Her knowledge, empathy and candour make parents feel like she’s part of the family, or a caring friend who really understands them and just wants what’s best for them.

Audiences discover:
  • The origins of anxiety
  • What’s normal and what’s not
  • The physical and emotional impact
  • How to respond when a child is highly anxious
  • How to identify and regulate anxious feelings
  • How to break the cycle of worry
  • When to seek professional help
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60-90 minute keynote
Tailored for primary or secondary parents
Practical anxiety management strategies
Feedback from a parent
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“This presentation was exceptional. I have attended quite a few presentations related to anxiety and how to support children experiencing anxiety, all of which have been interesting and filled with informed content, but Dr. Jodi Richardson’s presentation was exceptional.”

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60-90 minute keynote
Tailored for primary or secondary parents
Realistic and sustainable family strategies

Parent Education

Building blocks for raising happier kids

When you ask parents what they want for their kids, by far the most common reply is “I just want them to be happy”. And though this desire goes hand-in-hand with such things as good health, an education and a safe place to call home, happiness is a really difficult area for parents to navigate or seek assistance with. Nobody denies its importance, but how many parents have ever been shown how to model and implement it? What is happiness? Where does it come from? And how do parents help their children build lasting happiness? Discover how in this informative and uplifting presentation.

  • A new definition of happiness
  • What stands in the way of happiness?
  • Why the science says ‘more stuff' doesn’t make us happier, and what to do instead
  • The skills of happiness – quantifiable, helpful areas of output for parents to nurture in their children
  • Evidence-based strategies to increase happiness
  • How parents can take an active role in improving a child’s happiness, instead of leaving it to chance
Feedback from a parent
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“An excellent speaker. Valuable information to take away and put into practice. I simply wish there was more time to hear more. A wonderful speaker. Thank you.”

Professional Development for Educators

Helping anxious kids thrive in the classroom

Anxiety has been high for good reason. Knowing it’s our brain and body’s response to threat explains just why the pandemic has amplified the anxiety of those with pre-existing challenges and has elevated anxiety for many others. COVID-19 aside, anxiety is an ever-increasing challenge for educational leaders, teachers, and students alike. Understanding and identifying anxiety, developing self-regulation skills in students, and re-engaging anxious kids and teens in their learning are all essential in today’s classrooms.

In her research-rich professional development seminar, Jodi supports staff to not only support students in their care and maximise their wellbeing, but also how to monitor, manage and minimise their own stress and anxiety.

  • Anxiety and the brain
  • How anxiety shows in the classroom
  • Responding to an anxious child
  • Strategies to maintain engagement
  • What anxious students need
  • Tools to help regulate anxious feelings
  • How to talk to parents
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Tailored for primary or secondary teachers
Brief practical interventions that buy learning time in the classroom
Delegate feedback

2019 Mental Health in Schools Conference

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“Extremely useful as a teacher and parent.”

“Best presenter.”

“Lots of strategies to support counselling in schools!”


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Keynote presentations

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Get anxiety out of the way and
get on with life

Insights and innovative skills to turn down the dial on anxiety and transform workplace mental health

Doing something new is exactly what’s called for when doing more of the same isn’t working. This has never been truer than when it comes to anxiety. The most common mental health challenge prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety is now a much heavier burden. While natural to want to eliminate the discomfort, distress, emotional pain, future thinking and other challenges that come with anxiety, suppressive and avoidant approaches just don’t cut it anymore. Worse, these strategies typically amplify anxiety. Key workplace requirements including communication, problem solving and even leadership are undermined, affecting productivity and profits. The impacts on happiness, wellbeing and family can also not be overlooked. In this distinctly human presentation, Jodi not only shares insights and innovative evidence-based strategies, she does so compassionately through the lens of a professional who has learned to move anxiety out of the way and get on with living a rich, fulfilling, happier life.

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Happier on purpose

Redefining happiness, busting the myths and actionable steps to increase happiness

The almost universal answer to the question of what we want most in life is ‘to be happier’. Of course! It’s an undeniably important pursuit and brings with it countless advantages in life and in work. But what if you were to learn that so much of what we believe about happiness, and how to get more of it in our lives, has not only been undermining quality of life, but potentially contributing to more psychological challenges? We need only look at rising rates of depression and anxiety alone to gain perspective on the impact that modern life has on our ill-equipped minds. What if, instead of constantly shifting goalposts and a ‘never enough’ attitude, we could think about happiness in a new and different way? In addition to learning how to be happier in the ‘here and now’, not ‘when…’ and ‘if…’ the subsequent extraordinary rewards in terms of energy, joy, meaning, creativity, engagement, success, fun and performance are there for the taking. Jodi’s natural warmth and honest, relatable insights will leave you looking at happiness, and indeed life and work, with a fresh perspective, renewed optimism and actionable strategies.

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Thriving with anxiety

A story of optimism and hope from an anxious achiever

Jodi doesn’t recall a life without anxiety. And while she’s endured times in her life when anxiety has robbed her of much, over many years she’s learned to not only minimise and manage the psychological and physiological challenges of her anxiety, she’s learned the many ways in which anxiety has steered her towards a more meaningful life and, now, proudly thrives with anxiety. Renowned for her ability to connect with her audiences, in this heart-warming keynote presentation Jodi shares her story in a way that invites audiences to recognise and better understand their own experiences and think differently about their mental health and wellbeing.


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Jodi is a regular media commentator in the anxiety, parenting and wellbeing space.

Jodi has shared her insights and expertise via ABC TV News Breakfast, the TODAY Show, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Studio 10, Weekend Today, Mamamia, ABC Radio, ABC RN Life Matters, Radio New Zealand and in The Age, Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald, New Idea, Who Magazine, Mindful Parenting and more. 


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