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I’m thrilled you’ve signed up for the Calm your anxious brain 5-day mini course.

Anxiety impacts both our brain and our body and affects how we think, how we feel and, of course, what we do (or don’t do). It can make us feel pretty awful at times but there are practical things you can do that help.

Each day for the next 4 days I’ll pop into your inbox with a practical anxiety calming strategy you (or your kids) will be able to put into practice the next time anxiety shows up. With each new email I’ll invite you to try the new strategy and pay attention to how you feel after putting it into practice. Soon you’ll have 5 new techniques in your toolkit and can cherry-pick the one (or more) that feel the most calming for you when needed.

I know how precious your time is so rest assured each strategy I send will be short, sweet and easy to learn.

Your Day One email is winging its way to you now!

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You could jump in here to take a look at my books Anxious Kids and Anxious Mums, here to see how we can work together or head over to my blog to read articles choc-full of research but written in a way that won’t see you in need of a medical dictionary. Promise.

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