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Anxiety is high

Anxiety is high and it’s fuelling avoidance.

But that’s only making our anxiety worse, here’s why. Avoidance and anxiety are almost synonymous. It makes sense when we remember that anxiety is our ...
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Teachers, this is your new ‘go-to’ strategy

Teachers, this is your new ‘go-to’ strategy for when the unpredictable happens (which is everyday right?)

“You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” - Timber Hawkeye-   What’s your ‘go-to’ ...
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food for comfort

Turning To Comfort Food To Cope?

In a recent episode of my podcast, my guest mentioned that emotional eating is just one response to stress, a short term escape from whatever ...
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Technology Has Its Tentacles In Every Part of Our Lives: How Can We Avoid Digital Burnout? 

In chaotic times—war in Europe, natural disasters, an (endless?) pandemic—we often gravitate towards simple activities that give our brain a sense of predictability. In a ...
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When is the right time to first speak with others about your depression or anxiety?

My professional guess is that some of you reading this possibly have experienced depression or anxiety, yet have never ever talked about it with anyone ...
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Hangxiety: What happens when your anxiety & drinking collide?

I have no doubts about the benefits of hiring personal coaches for various aspects of our lives.  Business coach? Absolutely!  Relationship coach? For sure!  Drinking ...
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5 ways to help anxious kids and teens sleep

When kids and teens are anxious at bedtime it’s perhaps the most challenging time of the day for us, as parents, to respond in ways ...
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School refusal: What you can do to help

On the way to school when our daughter was in grade 3 she read out a diary entry from her new favourite book series, Dork ...
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“Wellbeing is realised by small steps,
but is truly no small thing.”

- Zeno

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