Well, Hello [School] Anxiety Program


My Well, Hello [School] Anxiety online program is for parents of anxious children and teens who want to better support them into school and through times of school transition.

It’s meticulously and lovingly crafted for parents who want to equip their children with a toolbox of practical techniques and strategies that will empower them to better manage their anxiety.


Together with other parents, I’ll equip you with the insights and practical tools to confidently support your child.

  • You’ll find a better way to deal with your child’s anxiety so you can stop stressing about what you’re doing, saying or thinking, and hoping that it works out.
  • Instead, you’ll design a custom plan and process for your child’s unique situation, so that they can transition into school, with less stress and upset.
  • You’ll create new rituals, routines and habits to support your child, your family and your own wellbeing and peace-of-mind.
  • You’ll build a resilient family that is equipped to cope with change and disruptions that we all have, and to find a calm centre to better thrive, in school and beyond.